31 Oct 2009

28 Oct 2009

On the floor in some room...

My dear friend Katja from glamcanyon.com found this image on freundevonfreunden.com. This German actor dude must be a fan of her work.
Anyway this guy in blond smoking a cigarette is me. Funny to think I'm in some stranger's bedroom.
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19 Oct 2009

17 Oct 2009

Acne Paper Winter Issue Launch Party

Enlightenment, spirituality, transcendence and paradise - these are some of the themes of the new Acne Paper issue (available worldwide October 19). What better way to celebrate this issue with a devout get together of fashion's finest in a real church: the Christ Church in Spitalfields? Candles and Absolut Vodka, a splendid conjunction to escape the freezing cold outside and gather in these holy premises.

PS: love the rat head piece!

9 Oct 2009

Best Before

@ Dalston Superstore

What a fun night. Again lots of naked, hot and young boys and girls! Great music straight from the 90s and sweaty people rubbed in baby oil, gogo dancing on the tables. Thanks to the hosts James and Lucy!

6 Oct 2009

James White Private View

It doesn't happen often that I blog about art, however, when there are penises and pussies involved I am more than happy to make an exception. The exhibition, called Everything is Arranged for your Ultimate Dissatisfaction, is to be seen at the Maverik Showroom in East London.