25 Nov 2009

Lacroix Couture Archive Editorial in CANDY!

I just had to post some images from this beautiful and stunning shoot which can be found in amazing new Candy magazine (go and get a copy at Claire de Rouen Books). Styled by Robbie Spencer, photographer is Karim Sadli and model is Select's Callum Wilson.

23 Nov 2009

A nice picture of me

@Best Before (taken from megamegamega.com)

And a not so nice picture of me @Candy Launch Party can be found here (it looks as if I have tits, I don't, but at least it fits Candy's transsexual content)

20 Nov 2009

Candy Magazine Launch Party

The first fashion magazine celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny had its launch yesterday at the George & Dragon in Shoreditch. Cover boy/girl Luke Worrall was on the desks, before that the ever so beautiful Princess Julia played her fantastic DJ set (Wuthering Heights from Kate Bush, my all time favorite). Party goers included hot trannies (obvs), the usual fashion folk and Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington (or were they just boys looking like them?).
Fierce on the door: Murray and Cozette

19 Nov 2009

Best Before

Again at Dalston Superstore. Again big fun. Seems to get better and better each time...

16 Nov 2009

Pelin Pelin live@ HYPE INC - LAUNCH PARTY

at Proud Cabaret (from the same people behind Proud Camden), an amazing new venue in East Central last Wednesday 11/11/09

15 Nov 2009

Frederic Aranda Kosherface - private view -

Fashion and portrait photographer Frederic Aranda shows his Kosherface exhibition focusing on Jewish Orthodox rabbis at the printspace gallery in Shoreditch. The exhibiton runs until Dec 2nd!
These are some images from the opening night

last picture taken by Joerg Brunsendorf

6 Nov 2009

When I was still blond

having a great time at Hot Boy some time in April (or was it March?)