29 Sep 2009

25 Sep 2009

24 Sep 2009

Sibling Collection 3

Knitwear. Skulls. Smiley. Sequins. Contrasts in colour. Collaboration.

Sibling: Collection 3 from TiRA on Vimeo.

Carolyn Massey S/S 2010

Classical English cuts. Lots of accessories.Green. Black. Blue. Grey. German Army Troddles.
Collection inspired by the village of Dungeness: fishermen huts and nuclear power station.

Carolyn launched her menswear label in 2006 after 'frustration, boredom and demand'.

James Long S/S 2010

Washed out and green metallic colours. Black leather biker pants. Oversize bags. Mohair and wool. Camouflage.

London Fashion Week S/S 2010

Finally, after days of flu, I made it to Fashion Week. For me the most important day of London fashion Week anyway because it was the menswear day today. The next posts will be about the shows etc. I apologize in advance for the crappy photography but my digital camera is broken for ages now and I only have my mobile to take pictures with. I should have apologized way earlier for the really bad quality images on this blog. As soon as someone gives me a new digi cam this situation will change.

18 Sep 2009


Sorry for not blogging recently. I was in Germany for my friend Katharina's wedding. I am back now in London and was really looking forward to going out, seeing all my friends and of course to London Fashion Week. But, surprise, I am ill. Again! Like last Fashion Week. And that sucks.
As soon as I got off the plane the little itching in my throat became a proper sore throat and now I am sneezing and feeling really, really sorry for myself.
I hope I get better ASAP so I can at least enjoy the rest of Fashion Week! Thank god the menswear day is the last one of Fashion Week, and I am sure I will be fine by then. Cant"t wait to see Carolyn Massey's show and of course the new stuff from brilliant design trio SIBLING.

From Sibling's 1st collection:

Carolyn Massey backstage a/w 09

picture taken from maurococilio.blogspot.com

4 Sep 2009

BATTY BASS @ the Star of Bethnal Green

Yesterday was the last proper Batty Bass party (there will be a Warehouse party in 2 weeks) and sadly it was also the first one to which I have ever been to. Meaning, for the last 1 1/2 years I missed all the nakedness, amazing music and good fun people. Everybody had a great time, it was very relaxed and unpretentious, now that I have been there I will really miss it. Ugh.
By the way: showing your titties is the new black. Apparently.