18 Sep 2009


Sorry for not blogging recently. I was in Germany for my friend Katharina's wedding. I am back now in London and was really looking forward to going out, seeing all my friends and of course to London Fashion Week. But, surprise, I am ill. Again! Like last Fashion Week. And that sucks.
As soon as I got off the plane the little itching in my throat became a proper sore throat and now I am sneezing and feeling really, really sorry for myself.
I hope I get better ASAP so I can at least enjoy the rest of Fashion Week! Thank god the menswear day is the last one of Fashion Week, and I am sure I will be fine by then. Cant"t wait to see Carolyn Massey's show and of course the new stuff from brilliant design trio SIBLING.

From Sibling's 1st collection:

Carolyn Massey backstage a/w 09

picture taken from maurococilio.blogspot.com

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