2 Sep 2009


Last week I went to the Joiners. After an abstinence of almost 2 weeks. Long time, considering the fact that some months ago (before the new door policy and the stupid and boring no drinking outside rule) I used to be there almost every single day, or at least quite often during the week, it felt like my second home living room. Or my only living room at all as we don't have one in my flat.
Anyway, so I was there last week and it was so busy and everybody was fucked and I think I got old because I couldn't deal with it anymore. The smell, the noise and the boys. And it felt like I aged 10 years in that night.
So the reason I shaved completely on Sunday for Ponystep is that Cozette told me it makes me look 14 years younger. So counting it all together: I must have looked 4 years younger: that makes me look 22.
Fair enough.

pictures by Matthew Brindle for megamegamgea.

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