25 Oct 2008

Harley Weir

Last Wednesday I met up with photographer Harley Weir, whose work I have seen in Vice Magazine and I just fell in love with her romantic and soft images. They are so different and beautiful so I just had to contact her and ask if she would do a shoot for my book. She said yes immidiately which makes me so happy having her work in the book. She is also very nice and sweet and I am really excited about the shoot (that we will do within the next two weeks I suppose). Here are some of her images for Vice editorials:

21 Oct 2008


Shoots this week: Thursday James is shooting Rylan, Rylan is shooting James. That's gonna be cool.


Oh and I just found an amazing new and upcoming photographer: Liv Morrison. She just graduated from LCF and her interest is also shooting young men. I met her yesterday and we discussed the shoot. She is lovely and sweet, talented and also very supportive and enthusiastic about my project. Her final project was also a book on boys btw. I saw it and it is AWESOME. Just polaroids... So I am really looking forward to this shoot


Numero 3

Last Friday photographer Katja Hentschel (glamcanyon.com) shot Francesco for my book.
The shoot was in my house and as it was one of the few sunny and bright days hence we got really nice light. The atmosphere was very relaxed and intimate so in then end Fran even dropped his pants for the arts.

16 Oct 2008


Yesterday Andras sent me all the Alistair pictures he has taken on sunday (it took a while to figure out how to un-zip these bloody files... I still don't really understand it). Anyway, I have chosen like 30 of my favorites which Andras will retouch now. So of course I will not show you any before that... just one that will defo be not in the book... as I look rather erm disgusted on it. Yes... I am on it too!

13 Oct 2008

Weekend Shoots N°2

On Sunday we shot in an amazing warehouse in Hackney Wick. It was the most sunny and beautiful day in ages so we were really lucky because we could also shoot on the roof terrace and outside the studio.
Here are some of the photos I have taken.

Model: Alistair

Weekend Shoots

The weekend is over and I can tell you it was very very busy!. I went out on friday night, didnt get much sleep as I had to get up early on saturday for the shoot with Kris, then going out again to relax and think about something else than the shoots, sunday morning getting up early again for my shoot with Andras. So now I am very happy the weekend is over and that the shoots went really well. So I post some photos here that I have taken both on sat and on sun.

Saturday: models Alex and Sean

9 Oct 2008

Weekend Shoots

Alright, so this weekend's gonna be busy.
Kris is shooting Sean Fox from FM and Alexander Rouach from Select on Saturday. Have a look at Alex on www.selectmodel.com

And on Sunday Andras is shooting my friend Alistair in some amazing warehouse!

6 Oct 2008

Creative Stimulation

Hedi Slimane

The sun is shining, the perfect start for a new week and as this week is full of shootings (no cancellations again - please) this can only mean that all of them will turn out great. After this rather bumpy introduction I want to tell you about one of my inspirations, I am an admirer of his work: Hedi Slimane. After quitting his job at Dior Homme he concentrated on his work as a photographer - I love both of his work equally. Everybody knows I am a big fan of the new slim silhouette that he introduced as well as of his black and white pictures about youth cluture, skinny boys, indie rock, Berlin, London and so on and so forth. Last Sunday he was at my favorite clubnight Ponystep and days before that model scouting in Shoreditch. Some of his photos:

4 Oct 2008

Mock Ups

Yesterday was a very productive day for me and for the book (refering to it all the time as 'the book' is kind of weird, I make it sound more important than the bible or Vogue, but who knows...maybe I get there?).
Anyways. My graphic designer Ben came over yesterday and we discussed the layout of my book, its format, the fonts, colours... basically everything. Not only was it much fun to go through many other picture books (e.g. Berlin by Hedi Slimane), drinking coffee and eating chocolate, but he is also one of the nicest and kindest person I know...Plus he is very talented. So it was a big progress to see a mock-up on screen. Both of us have the same visual ideas and conceptions so it was a really good time having a chat about all that graphic design stuff. But you realise how damn hard work it is when you actually see somebody professionally working on it in front of a Mac. I would like to show you the first layout we (he!) designed but I dont really wanna spoil the fun and also dont know how to upload pdfs. Ha.
Have a look at Ben's website: http://www.benosan.ch

New William Photo

3 Oct 2008


This is another preview of my book

Next Weekend 2 Shoots

Great News: next weekend 11 and 12 October I will have two shootings!
Photographers Krisztian Zana http://www.krisztianzana.com
and Andras Ridovics http://www.andrasridovics.com

Looking forward to it...

The Beautiful Boy

... is the title of Germaine Greer's picture book on young boys and boyhood in general. She wanted to make a book about the short-lived beauty of boys. This blog is therefore called The Beautiful Man as my book is about the beauty of young men aged 16-25. The book will be illustrating the privilege of youth with stunning and fresh-looking photography. However, The Beautiful Man will not be the title of the book! That is a big secret.


One of my models, David from Barcelona, who was kind enough to contribute to my book with some beautiful pictures of his, is my first post. Exciting. More pictures will follow...