4 Oct 2008

Mock Ups

Yesterday was a very productive day for me and for the book (refering to it all the time as 'the book' is kind of weird, I make it sound more important than the bible or Vogue, but who knows...maybe I get there?).
Anyways. My graphic designer Ben came over yesterday and we discussed the layout of my book, its format, the fonts, colours... basically everything. Not only was it much fun to go through many other picture books (e.g. Berlin by Hedi Slimane), drinking coffee and eating chocolate, but he is also one of the nicest and kindest person I know...Plus he is very talented. So it was a big progress to see a mock-up on screen. Both of us have the same visual ideas and conceptions so it was a really good time having a chat about all that graphic design stuff. But you realise how damn hard work it is when you actually see somebody professionally working on it in front of a Mac. I would like to show you the first layout we (he!) designed but I dont really wanna spoil the fun and also dont know how to upload pdfs. Ha.
Have a look at Ben's website: http://www.benosan.ch

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