6 Oct 2008

Hedi Slimane

The sun is shining, the perfect start for a new week and as this week is full of shootings (no cancellations again - please) this can only mean that all of them will turn out great. After this rather bumpy introduction I want to tell you about one of my inspirations, I am an admirer of his work: Hedi Slimane. After quitting his job at Dior Homme he concentrated on his work as a photographer - I love both of his work equally. Everybody knows I am a big fan of the new slim silhouette that he introduced as well as of his black and white pictures about youth cluture, skinny boys, indie rock, Berlin, London and so on and so forth. Last Sunday he was at my favorite clubnight Ponystep and days before that model scouting in Shoreditch. Some of his photos:

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