29 Sep 2010

Another Robert Huth Preview

Soon you gonna see them all....

Photography: Masha Mel
Styling: Me

23 Sep 2010

Carolyn Massey

So this is my last post on Fashion Week. Yesterday was a very tough day, getting up early for the Lou Dalton show (9 is way too early) and then shows every hour and not really any time to chill. However, it was also a very beautiful and amazing day, there were so many shows and presentations I really loved, you obviously can see all my faves on this blog. There was so much creativity and diversity to be seen and I am really happy I went to all these shows and came back home tired and knackered but with lots of ideas and inspirations. Spring Summer 2011. Come! Lets skip winter x x x

Here Comes..............

.... James Long

More from Newgen Installations

James Small

Christopher Raeburn

Omar Kashoura

Katy Eary

Was really excited to see this one (part of Newgen Men and Fashion East installations) and loved the mix and match of tartan and leopard, the shortsleeved knitted jumpers and the boxing gloves of course. And the models by the way were boxing in front of you. That all woke me up again after lunch time.

And here comes SIBLING

22 Sep 2010

And here comes....

Christopher Shannon:

...and J.W. Anderson

Here Come the Boys

Menswear Day at London Fashion Week. Here are my pictures... go on Ozonlive to read my reports or just enjoy the images on here. Lets start with Lou Dalton

20 Sep 2010

London Fashion Week

So here is my first post on London fashion Week, have to add that I am not attending too many shows this season, I am concentrating on the menswear day which is coming Wednesday. For Ozon Magazine I am reporting on some shows though and here are some of the images I have taken so far:

Hannah Marshall Spring Summer 2011

Felder Felder Spring Summer 2011

The Quieter Poster Boys, London Launch

@Studio Private, Shoreditch

Photographer Brett Llyod launched his first book The
Quieter Poster Boys yesterday inviting lots of lovely,
interesting and what I noticed most, beautiful people.
A very cool and fashionable crowd (hello Fashion Week) gathered
to have a look at his poster book which portrays 13 boys whose picture Brett took
on a journey through Europe. As always the case with Brett's photography:
stunning and beautiful.
Brett also photographed me ages ago and although I didnt make it into the book (haha) I'm
very fond of these images: