22 Dec 2010

Christmas Break

The last few weeks have been extremly stressfull for me and hence I haven't been blogging really for quite a while. Sorry to everyone who is excitedly waiting for anything new from me. Guess you have to wait until the new year starts but oh boy that's gonna be exciting for all you readers and for me. Until then: enjoy some nice images by Hedi Slimane and merry Christmas 2010!!!! x

9 Dec 2010

29 Nov 2010


Wow, I found this while I was clearing out my wardrobe. A leftover from BoomBox times. A long, long time ago...

27 Nov 2010

A Fashionable Pub Quiz

@Shoreditch House. As always so much fun. Didnt win this time though.

24 Nov 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Yesterday was the day: finally Albert Elbaz's Lanvin for H&M collection launched in the UK. I saw lots of images of obsessed fashion people sleeping in front of the H&M flagship store on Regent Street and I have to say that is just crazy as it is fucking cold at the moment. But hey, their choice. I really like the womenswear range and fully understand why many girls wanna get their hands on some of the pieces as 'real' Lanvin dresses start from like £2000 to... erm...I dont think there is a limit. But now you can have a Lanvin dress for just £99. Cant complain bout that. I wasnt equally impressed with the menswear pieces which is quite sad as I am a big Lanvin fan and love what Lanvin menswear designer Lucas Ossendrjiver usually does. That being said there were some nice items of course, the fitted suit jackets and the trousers. I only was interested in a pair of blue draw-string trousers and I was lucky enough to still get them when I got to the H&M store yesterday afternoon. So yer that's it.

Flu Times

Sorry I didnt update my blog for a long time now. It was only a matter of time until I finally got down with a stupid boring cold. Hence I was in bed trying to get better (which I am now) and I focused on watching shitty sitcom shows and some really good movies.
Anyway, here is a preview of an editorial which will be out soon in What Else Magazine.

8 Nov 2010

Lou Dalton Shoot

... again for Ozon Magazine. Here are some behind the scenes images.
Model: Jack Lyons at Select Models
Photographer: Nikolas Ventourakis
Styling: Oliver Arlt (that's me)

7 Nov 2010

Christopher Shannon Shoot

... for Ozon Magazine. Went really well... so happy about this shoot. Great model as well: Bjorn @ Select. Perfect for this Christopher Shannon feature for Ozon Magazine (out in December)

29 Oct 2010

Hero Magazine Issue 4 Launch Party

And another magazine party, this time for Hero who are showing 'the faces of tomorrow's fashion'. Concentrating solely on boys' faces though. This time I didnt have to go all the way to West London, just down the road as the party was in Shoreditch. Again nice people and lots of booze. Really like the magazine as well.

28 Oct 2010

Ten Magazine Party

It doesn't happen very often that I go all the way to West London, leaving Hackney behind, not because I don't like it there, just because I am very lazy and usually skint and don't wanna spend money or time in the underground but when Ten Magazine invites to celebrate in fancy Belgravia that they're being a decade around , I sure have to check it out. Celebrating ten years of their publication the magazine chose Il Bottaccio as the venue. And what a gorgeous place that is, quite impressive. These parties are also always a good way to catch up with lovely people you haven't seen for a while. So yer good turnout!

24 Oct 2010

Douglas Neitzke

From my styling, Jolijn taking the pictures to seeing it in print

22 Oct 2010

New Gadgets

I have to say the camera on my Ipod isn't the best but still it does its job, pics kinda blurry though. Took these pictures after I had dinner at Viet Hoa on Kingsland Rd. with Cozette and thought Im gonna take some pictures of me in my warm and gorgeous Katie Eary jumper (it's gotten really cold here in London). Another new piece in my life: the wardrobe behind me! More space for clothes. Finally. Was in much need of that.

15 Oct 2010

Yes Please Bite Me

While working on my portfolio I just came across this image from I Love Fake Magazine, I know I posted it already. Just to damn good. Select Model's Alex Dunstan styled by me and photographed by Jolijn Snijders.

11 Oct 2010

Leopard Monday

Katie Eary's spring summer 2011 collection got me obsessed about leopard prints for boys. It works so well!