24 Nov 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Yesterday was the day: finally Albert Elbaz's Lanvin for H&M collection launched in the UK. I saw lots of images of obsessed fashion people sleeping in front of the H&M flagship store on Regent Street and I have to say that is just crazy as it is fucking cold at the moment. But hey, their choice. I really like the womenswear range and fully understand why many girls wanna get their hands on some of the pieces as 'real' Lanvin dresses start from like £2000 to... erm...I dont think there is a limit. But now you can have a Lanvin dress for just £99. Cant complain bout that. I wasnt equally impressed with the menswear pieces which is quite sad as I am a big Lanvin fan and love what Lanvin menswear designer Lucas Ossendrjiver usually does. That being said there were some nice items of course, the fitted suit jackets and the trousers. I only was interested in a pair of blue draw-string trousers and I was lucky enough to still get them when I got to the H&M store yesterday afternoon. So yer that's it.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! The same situation took place in Moscow, Russia. When I had come to H&M at 5 pm there was nothing except a pair of red shoes. I was told that people waited from 2 am. Of course it is their choice. But to be true it is not a REAL Lanvin, is it?

Anonymous said...

Actually, there has been so much written and blogged about the women's stuff that it's nice to read about the menswear. I thought they could seriously have done better - too dressy, too loud, too ... not really wearable. Nothing you can't already find in H & M or Mango, and especially the ruffle yellow dress, if it was not Lanvin for H&M, would be sure to see plenty of them left come January sales time. Sonia Rykiel collab was way better IMHO. : /