21 Nov 2008


The shoots are all done so far and am busy working on all the other stuff which basically means writing emails, biographies, the market report and so on.
There are still plenty of images I havent received yet so I cannot post any new previews. The deadline is in three weeks and that sort of freaks me out a little bit but I'm sure it will all turn out to be great. The book will look AWESOME I promise.

3 Nov 2008

Preview Chez

Sunny Sunday

Been a while since I last posted something on here. Well last week I have been busy writing my introduction, last Sunday we cancelled a shoot and well that's about it really. Today tough has been such a fantastic day for the book as Liv and I finally worked together on a shoot. We were shooting outside (again in Hackney Wick, this time in an awesome rundown car park full of tyres, rubbish, crashed cars and even a 4ft high Sphinx head) and as it was pissing it down yesterday we were so lucky to have a warm and sunny day and so didnt have to cancel again. Following up on our boy scout theme model Chez wore boots and shorts, played the guitar and had a fire. The images, mostly polaroids, are brilliant and I am very happy with them. Here you can see the pros at work