30 Jul 2009


I am currently on holidays in Germany. Kempten, to be more precise, my home town. I would seriously like to post some lush images from parties I have been to in Kempten or maybe the formidable style the Kemptners call their own. I have to dissapoint you as there aren't any parties/good parties and what people wear shouldnt be documented.
For that reason I have posted some images I have taken and scanned during the last two weeks. But now I am seriously in despair as I dont have any idea what to blog about. That only shows how fucking uncreative I am. I thought about writing about Madonna's new single or the George & Dragon Madonna night on August 12th but then I thought again and dont want this blog to become a 'Madonna I love you' blog. (By the way, Madonna I love you).
One of the good things being back home (besides the delicious Southern German cuisine, the lakes, the never ending beer in the fridge and nights without sirens) is that we have a scanner and it became a hobby of mine scanning everything. So here is a 5 year old photo of me. Pre London. How young and cute I was :)
ps: that just was a blog entry that NOBODY needed

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