30 Jul 2009


I am currently on holidays in Germany. Kempten, to be more precise, my home town. I would seriously like to post some lush images from parties I have been to in Kempten or maybe the formidable style the Kemptners call their own. I have to dissapoint you as there aren't any parties/good parties and what people wear shouldnt be documented.
For that reason I have posted some images I have taken and scanned during the last two weeks. But now I am seriously in despair as I dont have any idea what to blog about. That only shows how fucking uncreative I am. I thought about writing about Madonna's new single or the George & Dragon Madonna night on August 12th but then I thought again and dont want this blog to become a 'Madonna I love you' blog. (By the way, Madonna I love you).
One of the good things being back home (besides the delicious Southern German cuisine, the lakes, the never ending beer in the fridge and nights without sirens) is that we have a scanner and it became a hobby of mine scanning everything. So here is a 5 year old photo of me. Pre London. How young and cute I was :)
ps: that just was a blog entry that NOBODY needed

28 Jul 2009


Finally me and my friend Danai launched our new blog 'Boys and Noise'. We were thinking about working on a fashion blog together for over 6 months now and had plenty of meetings about it this year, we came up with hundreds of ideas and scraped them all. But here we are, we are happy to put the blog online. It will be full of beautiful imagery and texts and interviews and and and.
Our first model is Stephane photographed by Vilius Kadunas.

two people

20 Jul 2009

London Summer 2009

Some photos I have taken in May 2009 around London's East

13 Jul 2009

WeKnowWhatYouDidLastNight.com presents: A Summer Fling II

In the photobooth with Stephane, Lena and Matt! From weknowwhatyoudidlastnight.com

Jasiminne says...

... she loves my blog because it is just about my beautiful friends at beautiful parties in a perfect world. Ha!

WeKnowWhatYouDidLastNight.com presents: A Summer Fling

Last Friday at Bistrotheque weknowwhatyoudidlastnight.com was hosting a fabulous summer party: Beautiful people dressed up in black and white, sipping G&T and getting their pictures taken in a by Petra Storrs designed photobooth.

8 Jul 2009

I'm the one with the shaved head

The last days I was showing you here lots of images from the parties I have been to. As I am also an attention seeking whore I got my picture taken a few times. So here they are. Me at Will Broome exhibition, Shoreditch House etc...

6 Jul 2009

Buckstyle.com party II

And now some images from last Friday's summer bop

Brave New World Buckstyle.com party I

Last Friday Buckstyle.com invited to a wonderful summer bash at East London's Bistrotheque as well as to see their first ever fashion film "Brave New World". Showing the key fashion trends of this coming autumn the short film was styled by Celia-Jane Ukwenya and directed by James Yeomans.
The film showcases pieces by e.g. Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Hugo Boss and Raf Simons. I think Buck did a fantastic job, the film is great, marvellous styling and the themes of loneliness and decay are conveyed in a threatining manner but still the 'perfect' people in the awesome clothes definitely attract the viewer. I just love the beautiful images of this film:

Sunny Sunday Shoreditch House

Just came back from another Sunday late afternoon/evening hangout at Shoreditch House. Boy, I do love the swimming pool. First I was having some beers, enjoying the sun, having chats with all the gorgeous friends and then when the sun set it was about to time to jump in the pool (by then it was way warmer in the pool than outside) and start to play. Well looking down on my body I just realised that I have bruises all over thanks to some certain people that jump on me, kick me and use my shoulders as a springboard. Haha. But looking at these beautiful pictures defo makes up for it. Cannot wait for the next fun on the roof top. This summer's been treating me good this year.

4 Jul 2009

Sticky and Sweet round 2

Tonight , at the O2, Madonna kicks off the second leg of her super successful Sticky and Sweet Tour which became the highest grossing tour ever by a solo artist. Last year I saw her live at Wembley Stadium alongside 70 000 other people. I'd love to go to the show tonight but have no money at all (so if anyone wants to give me his or her spare ticket...) Though I have to say that this tour isn't my favorite Madonna show (Confessions in 2006 and Drowned World in 2001 were AMAZING) it still is a perfect show and seeing her live on stage is one of the most inspiring and touching experiences ever made. The costume in which she is opening Sticky and Sweet was designed by Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy. She comes on stage sitting on a throne so that even the worst sceptic has no doubts anymore on who the queen is.
For this year's leg of the tour Ricardo Tisci designed a new costume for the opening, still resembles the one from last year a lot, but looks a bit cooler and theatrical I think. Check them out and decide for yourself:



3 Jul 2009

There is Something in the Wardrobe by Will Broome

Last night I went to the the Will Broome 'There's Something in the Wardrobe' private view at the House of Propellers. I'm sure all of you are familiar with his cute illustrations and his collaborations with Marc Jacobs, , Norton & Sons, Gucci, House of Holland...
Will Broome himself says that though his drawings seem to be cute and cuddly at first glance but that there is also 'something dark happening, humour and rudenes.' Have a look yourself and see the exhibition at the House of Propellers from July 3 - July 30. (5 Back Hill, London, EC1R 5EN)
And these are all the pretty people that came to see Will Broome's brand new body of work while enjoying a glass of white wine or a cold beer on a very hot summer day: