17 Jun 2009

An irrgeular Tuesday night

Irregular Choice shoes invited to a very colourful happening at their new store on Carnaby Street. For my taste a way too sweet Lambrini was served with a vast and various selection of eye popping candy including jelly beans, cup cakes and fizzy wine gums. This choice of little treats for the party goers definitely coincided with their shoe collection: sweet, eye-catching and maybe a little too much. I definitely had a sugar overdose after 2 hours.

Then it was about time to go back east to the official launch party of the Bathhouse. I already wrote something about it a week ago (Caligula, Warboy's new night). I thought it would be way more sceney, however, I have to say there were hardly any familiar faces. Still, good fun, great DJs (Paloma Faith for example) and perfomances by Theo Adams, Lena Mascara etc. It cleared early-ish, around 12, so for us it was time, after a feasting stop at Mc Donald's, to end the night at the glorius Joiner's!

Here some pics from the Bathhouse Launch.

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