8 Jun 2009

Another Go

Sorry for not posting anything for almost 3 months. That will stop now. I will regularly post uninteresting stuff about my life including going out, snogging, cooking German dumplings and other things I like.
Ok so first I have to introduce a new blog by my friend Cozette: http://cozettemccreery.wordpress.com/

It is very funny and a big plus: it is a lot about Germany, punks and Berlin. Hence: follow it regularly!

Last Friday after the obligatory George and Dragon we ended up at a new night called Caligula at the Bathhouse near Liverpool Street. Weird venue, looks a bit like a Turkish brothel or a Harem (though I have never been to any of these insitutions) but it was quite good fun and after 2 weeks in germany I could catch up with lots of lovely people.
I just found this photo online, I didnt even know it was being taken as I wouldnt have covered my face with my hand. So there it is: my hand, my shaved head and the infamous Lena Mascara. By the way, she is just featured on http://www.viceland.com/fashion/2009/05/what-are-you-wearing-2/

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